Clinic Hours:
Te Puke Medical Centre is open for consultation Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5.00pm (excluding Public Holidays, Christmas/New Year weekends and Easter weekend)

Viral Clinic
We are currently testing on site – by Appointment – anyone who has any of the following symptoms – cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, headache, cold symptoms, and loss of smell/taste, with or without fever – these symptoms do include asthma, hayfever and sinus problems.  You will be booked into a time  with a GP  in our  ‘Viral Clinic’. Upon arrival at medical centre please wait in your car and phone us on 07 573 95 11.

Urgent Clinic & Urgent Appointments

Our Urgent Clinic provides an accident and urgent medical service on a “no appointment required” basis. These clinics operate during the week from 8am until 5pm and are staffed by each of our Doctors on a roster basis. There are no appointments; emergencies take priority, otherwise patients are seen in the order in which they arrive at the Medical Centre. This means you can be seen by the duty doctor if you feel you need urgent attention and your usual doctor is fully booked. We do ask you phone the practice prior to coming to this clinic for advice, as we sometimes have appointments available on the day which can be used for urgent matters.  Please note: The urgent clinic is not intended for non-urgent matters, especially the prescribing of regular medication and 3 or 6 monthly check-ups.


Phone Consultations
We will continue to offer phone consultations at the same cost as in person consultations.  Phone consults work really well and we have been able to meet the needs of many.    We will book you in for a call in a normal appointment slot.   This will be confirmed with you at the time of booking.   Please allow some flexibility either side of this time.

After Hours Services
After hours medical care is provided by Accident and Healthcare Medical Centre, 2nd Avenue, Tauranga. The Te Puke Medical Centre doctors participate in the after hours roster. When the Te Puke Medical Centre is closed, phone 573 95 11 and your call will be diverted to our after hours medical care where a registered nurse will answer your call and give you free professional health advice you need.

Please note that Accident and Healthcare does not provide home visits to Te Puke. For emergencies such as severe chest pain, collapse or breathing difficulties, phone 111 for an ambulance.

Please call us if you cannot attend your appointment. Giving us at least four hours notice will allow us to reuse your appointment time.

Waiting Times
We make every effort to run on time. Every patient has a different need and unfortunately unexpected emergencies and complex problems will sometimes cause delays. Please check in with a receptionist on arrival. They may be able to estimate any waiting time.


Child Health
Dr Alex Leslie and Dr Lisa Wain have a special interest in child health within General Practice.

All of our nurses are qualified to give immunisations and hold current Vaccinator certificates. Appointments are available Monday – Friday. A user-friendly website is or 0800 Immunise. As well as the routine childhood immunisations, the following vaccines are available:

  • Varicella vaccine to prevent chickenpox. This vaccine can be given to children from 9 months of age and older.
  • Rotavirus vaccine will help prevent the most common cause of severe vomiting and diarrhoea in babies and young children.
  • Menactra (Meningtis A, C, W, Y) is currently recommended for young adults living in group situations or hostels such as university students.
  • Bexsero (Meningitis B) vaccine is recommended to protect against invasive meningococcal B disease
  • B12 injections
  • Shingles vaccines (recommended for patients over 50 yrs)
  • Measles Vaccines
  • Whooping cough vaccine (recommended for all parents and grandparents expecting a baby in the family)
  • Tetanus vaccines (recommended in childhood then at age 45yrs and 65yrs and with some injuries)
  • Hepatitis B immunisation
  • Pneumococcal vaccine
  • HPV immunisation (Gardasil)

If you are interested in any of these vaccinations, please ask your doctor or a nurse.

Ear Wax Micro Suction and Ear Health Service

We are equipped with an ear microscope for ear suction and wax removal by a trained ear health nurse – who can inspect the ear canal and remove any obstructions. People who wear hearing aids require regular checkups as wax builds up and reduces the effectiveness of the aids. If hearing aids are covered by ACC then suctioning is at a reduced cost. If medication for ears is required, Doctors are available to provide the necessary prescription while you attend the consultation, at no extra charge. We operate a reminder system for those who require regular checks.

Facilities Nearby

All below services are located a short distance from Te Puke Medical Centre

Life Pharmacy Te Puke
They are open Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.00pm Ph 573 0390

Pathlab – Te Puke
They are open Monday to Friday  8.00am – 4.00pm  Ph 573 0031

Te Puke Physiotherapy
They are open Monday – Friday 8.00am – 6.00pm Ph 573 7975

Family & Family Planning

First Trimester Maternity Care
All of the doctors offer 1st Trimester Maternity Care. The patient is then referred to a Lead Maternity Carer (Midwife) for the 2nd and 3rd Trimesters.

Dr Julea Dalley and Dr Kerry Neilson  perform Mirena insertions. Mirena is a reliable, reversible birth control system. It is a T-shaped intrauterine system (IUS) which, after insertion, releases the hormone levonorgestrel into the womb. It protects you from pregnancy and makes your periods lighter and shorter.
It is as effective as copper intrauterine devices (IUD’s) or oral contraceptives like the pill. For further information visit

Dr Elaine Pooler,  Dr Julea Dalley and Dr Kerry Neilson  perform Jadelle implant birth control.
Jadelle is an effective, reversible contraceptive that protects you for up to five years. Two thin, flexible rods filled with synthetic progesterone are inserted just under the skin of your upper arm.
Jadelle implants release continuously low doses of a synthetic hormone, levonorgestrel. For further information visit or phone Bayer Schering Pharma
on 0800 233 988

IUD – Insertion and Removal
Dr Julea Dalley and Dr Kerry Neilson perform intrauterine device (IUD) insertions and removals.

Healthy Heart

Heart disease screening/prevention ECG (heart recording). Defibrillator on site for cardiac emergencies. Please talk to your GP regarding regular CVD checks. 

Health Coach

Visit our Health Coach – it’s FREE.   Want help improving your Health and Wellbeing?

Our Health Coach can Support you with:

  • Motivation
  • Improving your fitness
  • Healthy eating
  • Long term conditions
  • Anxiety
  • Behavioural Change
  • Sleep

For appointments ask your Doctor or Nurse or see reception


Driver’s License Medicals
Medicals for a driver’s license require appointments with both a nurse and your usual doctor. Tests will include a Visual Acuity (eyesight testing) and a finger prick to test your blood sugar levels. The nurse usually does these tests before you see the doctor. The doctor will complete the relevant motor licensing forms, based on your test results.

Scuba Diving Medicals
Medicals for recreational diving can be assessed by all of our doctors.

Insurance Medicals
Please make a 30 minute appointment with your usual doctor.

Travel Medicals
Travel medicals can be completed by Dr Brynn Ong and Dr Lisa Wain.

Men's Health

We offer Annual Health Checks, prostate examinations, PSA testing and sexual dysfunction investigation. Please discuss with your GP if you require any of these appointments.

Minor Surgery and Skin Cancer Surgery

We offer a wide range of surgical procedures including punch biopsies, removal of moles and skin cancers, toenail – ingrown wedge resection, abscess – incision and drainage. Please ask reception to book you with an appropriate GP for these procedures.

Nurse Clinics

Cervical Smears Although all of our doctors are qualified smear takers, we have nurses who are certified smear takers and are available for appointments each day. A recall system is used where a letter is sent to the patient to remind her that her smear is due.

Diabetes Clinics: We offer a free Annual Diabetic check to all diabetic patients. Patients are placed on a recall system and sent a letter reminding them when their diabetic check is due. After having their blood tests, an appointment is made with the nurse for the Diabetic review. The free diabetes annual review is in addition to the regular appointments that you have with your doctor. To make the most of your appointment, please bring a list of questions or concerns you may have to discuss with the nurse. Your doctor and nurse want to help you take control of your diabetes. We will work with you to set goals that are right for you to help you manage your diabetes and be healthy. Your annual check includes monitoring your blood glucose, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, kidneys and feet. We can refer you to other appropriate health professionals when necessary to optimise your health, e.g. for diabetes eye photo-screening.
Smoking Cessation Advice (Stop Smoking) An appointment can be made with the Nurse for advice on stopping smoking. All our nurses are Registered Quit Card Providers and can prescribe nicotine replacement patches and gum and offer other resources to support you in stopping smoking.
Blood Pressure Checks and Home Monitoring Appointments are available for nurses to check blood pressure levels (usually on the doctor’s request for follow up monitoring). Blood Pressure Home Monitoring machines are available for hire. An appointment with the nurse is arranged to instruct you how to use the machine, then a follow up appointment is made with the doctor.
Asthma Advice Patients with asthma are given advice regarding their condition, as well as technique advice with inhalers.
Plastering – Fracture Treatment We offer a range of services for the treatment of fractures – broken bones. Patients suspected of having a fracture are referred for an xray locally. They then return to the surgery where one of our Doctors will view the xray and determine the best course of treatment. Simple fractures can be treated here saving the inconvenience and expense of travelling to Tauranga. Treatment options include the more traditional plaster casts or the popular colourful fibreglass casts. For more complex fractures patients will be referred to the Tauranga Hospital Fracture clinic for orthopaedic specialist review. In addition, we have crutches that we hire out to enrolled patients if required
Skin Checks

Some moles/lesions have the potential to be cancerous spots. All our Doctors can provide skin checks based on the following consults. Please confrm with yor doctors which consultation is better suited for you:

Spot checks – 15 minute consult

Full skin check with photos – 30 minute consult

Smoking Cessation

Advice and medication for quitting smoking.  Referral to free smoking cessation programme. Please talk to any of our staff about this.

Travel Medicine

Travel Vaccination and Advice
It is recommended you make an appointment with your doctor and bring your itinerary with you to discuss travel advice and immunisation requirements as soon as you have made your travel arrangements. Some vaccines require a course of several injections for full immunity and this takes time. Once the doctor has established which vaccines are required, an appointment is made with the nurse for the immunisations. While many vaccines are held on site, some may have to be ordered in, but most will be available in 1 – 2 days.

Women’s Health

We offer a range of women’s health services including cervical smears and sexual health swabs, breast examinations and referral for mammograms.  Please ask your doctor or nurse about these.